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OMG – Petrol $2.20 Per litre!

How far can you get on $40 worth of petrol?

An average learner legal (LAMS) bike holds between 13 and 17 litres of fuel – that amount will take you 300 to 400 kms!   If you’re commuting to and from work by car, there’s a safe bet you are spending double that for half the distance!

If you haven’t given much thought to commuting by motorcycle before, now is the perfect time.

“We’ve had a lot of enquiries about small capacity motorcycles lately” says Danny
“One guy came in recently saying he sits in a line of traffic that crawls past our dealership on the way home from work every day, often thinking about calling in. He finally decided to park up and come inside to talk to us about commuting by motorcycle.”

Add fuel to scooter , put in gasoline

$40 of petrol will take you 300-400km by motorcycle

“Not only is it more economical to run a motorcycle, especially if you commute alone, it’s quicker too – commuter bikes are light and easy to manoeuvre through traffic. They are also easy to park – most parking buildings have allocated areas for motorcycles and a lot of the time the parking is free”.

Now that the evenings are getting lighter and there is the smallest hint of spring, it’s a good time to call in and have a look at the big range of bikes available to new riders.

From 150cc scooters , cruisers through to 250cc and 500cc adventure bikes (so you can have fun on unsealed roads too), then there’s the 300cc to 500cc urban street and sport bikes, and 650cc sports bikes – yes, all learner approved. We have a selection of new and used models.

Call in and speak to one of the team at Botany Honda Motorcycles for advice on how to get your licence.  You could soon be on your way to saving hundreds of dollars on fuel expenses every month.


Botany Honda Motorcycles; 9 Trugood Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland
Ph: (09) 274 2727 //  //  Facebook

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