Road, dirt, farm bikes! Servicing, WOF & Parts for most makes of motorcycle

0, 2, 4 or 6 wheels!

Our service and repair workshop has seen some incredible machines over the years, from 50cc kids bikes and 1800cc trikes to wood chippers and a 6 wheel amphibious argo! All manner of engines and all brands make their way through our service department. We have 4 mechanics and it’s not unusual to see a combination of sports bikes, kids dirt bikes, quads and a lawnmower or two on their benches, in any one day!

Amphibious Argo

Just. one. last. nut. to do up!

This time of year we see a lot of quad and dirt/farm bikes, whether they are used for roaming around lifestyle blocks, conquering hills or following cattle, they all need an annual service and safety check, minimum.

We run a pick up and delivery service within 30km of the shop, so you don’t need to arrange time off to get your bike or ATV to and from the workshop. Most of the time we collect from a barn or garden, unearth the hidden key and are on our way without disrupting the owner’s day.

If you are handy with the tools, and like to work on your own vehicle, we can get tyres and parts for most makes and models. We can also source ATV accessories like; gun rack, windscreen, cargo box, trailer, spray units etc.

Farm Bike_ATV_farm shot

Being a Honda dealership we can supply any of the 2 or 4 wheel bikes, including the multi-purpose Pioneer SxS (side by side) all wheel drive unit, which seats up to 5.  If you would like more information, phone or email us for a brochure.

If on the other hand you’re looking for a used quad for the bach or your lifestyle block, give us a call as we often get them traded in, or we can find a specific used unit through our dealer network.

Quad_farm bike_action shot_cropped

Call (09) 274 2727 or email to book your 2, 4 (or 6! ) wheeler in for repair or service.

Botany Honda Motorcycles & Power Equipment
9 Trugood Drive, East Tamaki

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